Giulia Gubernati at work

I am Giulia Gubernati, I have always had a passion for art and creative craftsmanship. After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, I started my professional career in the field of theatre set design.

After moving to London, I discovered the decorative arts field, specialising in finishes on glass, particularly in the process of Verre églomisé, handmade silvering and antiqued mirrors.

I make  elegant and modern pieces using lots of different materials such as resins, pigments and powders,  often gilding  the back of the surface with gold, silver or other precious metal leaves.

My work is handmade, and that allows me to create unique pieces. 

For a personalised finish, the client can chose materials and decorative motifs.

Creative drive leads me to a constant investigation of ancient and modern materials, techniques and processes, where the core is constant experimentation.

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